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HeavyWeight DJs Conquering Europe

Have you met HeavyWeight Djs yet? If not, you most definitely will. The Scandinavian DJ collective are currently conquering Europe with their hypnotic blend of catchy tunes and unbelievably awesome stage shows.

The four performers and EDM artists collectively known as HeavyWeight Djs are Rascal, Leo Lotsaless, Mista S and Lovetone. They’ve been hugely popular in their native Helsinki as well as all over Finland and Scandinavia, but since 2012 they have been on a mission to conquer the world.

They’ve performed with massive stars like David Guetta, J.Lo, Skrillex and LMFAO and had an instant hit with their breakthrough tune Come Alive – it topped the Top 10 of Finnish national radio YleX for an impressive 20 weeks.

Their vision lies in their live DJ shows – it’s just as much about the experience for the fans as the music itself for the HeavyWeight DJs – they have a vision of touring with the maddest dj-shows imaginable. If you’re in the audience you will definitely be experiencing a gig like no other. And it was this attitude, as well as word on the street in Finland, that landed the collective a record deal with Universal Music Finland.

They’ve been compared with Swedish House Mafia, due of course in part to the Scandinavian links and the Electro genre. But it’s more than that that unites these two great acts, it’s the fact that they have the same kind of energy and passion both on and off stage that unites these two huge music makers, making a matching pair of Scandinavian DJs.

Check out their Music Video here.

HeavyWeight Djs aren’t showing any signs of stopping in their onslaught of European club music and we’re willing to put money on them conquering the world before long. If you’re a betting type and like stuff like Gaming Club then maybe you should too!

They’re massively serious about their electronic beats, house and trance offering but always bring out the fun during their live shows, which truly have to be experienced to be believed. They’re known for keeping the night alive, filling the dance floor and playing their ace with their massive hit single Come Alive.

And now they’re making a name for themselves outside Northern Europe as one of the most popular and progressive trance and house DJ collectives around. Their newest release, Fireworks, is a massive hit all over Europe and follows in the footsteps of their tracks Don’t Stop and One and Only as huge club hit singles.

This summer they’ve been busy playing gigs and festivals all over Europe, bringing their eclectic mix of house, trance and a rocking performance to as many music lovers as possible. If you get chance to go to one of their lives shows, we strongly suggest you do!

VLA Kings - the Megaphone StateToday is the day. The freshest hip hop act in Finland, the Megaphone State has released their coveted second album VLA Kings. The album has got rave reviews all over the world with much love to spread. Don’t miss out on a (smooth smooth) nostalgic trip down memory lane.

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“That can’t be right,” my roommate said. “There aren’t any black people in Finland.” How wrong he was. – Earmilk, US